San Francisco Giants Tickets – 2007 Will Be An Intriguing Season

San Francisco Giants tickets have been in demand in recent seasons, but that was mostly due to the exploits of one player as opposed to the prospects of the team winning a World Series. Well, that player is back for an historic record chase this season, but the team around him has improved and the Giants could be in for a big season in 2007. Well take a look at what to expect from the Giants in 2007 below, but rest assured that regardless of their results, this team will be an interesting one to watch.

Offseason Changes

The Giants made a lot of noise this offseason, and perhaps their biggest signing was their most recent, as Barry Bonds resigned for another year at $15.8 million. The team also addressed its pitching staff by adding Barry Zito with an enormous seven-year, $126 million contract in order to provide the team with an ace.

The Giants also changed managers, hiring Bruce Bochy after he enjoyed sustained success in San Diego. The San Diego-to-San Francisco pipeline continued with the signing of 안전놀이터 OF Dave Roberts, and other free agent acquisitions included IF Rich Aurilia and Ryan Klesko.

Players to Watch

Once again, the players to watch question starts and stops with Bonds. He will be responsible more than any other player for the sale of San Francisco Giants tickets, as he is only 22 home runs away from the most storied record in sports – the all-time home run record currently held by Hank Aaron. Bonds has been buried in controversy, but hes still a draw and an historic player.

Other than Bonds, the success or failure of Zito will also be quite interesting, as will the overall progress of the team under new leadership. The Giants look like theyre making a big push for the title, and the ability of the team to gel will determine their results this season.

2007 Outlook

The Giants have a lot of firepower working for them both on the mound and at the plate. If they can stay healthy and maintain some consistency, they should be able to challenge in the less-than-powerful NL West. The Dodgers and Padres tied for first in the division last year with only 88 wins, so it appears that if the Giants can push towards 90 victories this season, theyll have a chance to reach the postseason. Regardless, the presence of Bonds and his chase will definitely make San Francisco Giants tickets hard to find, and will make the 2007 season an interesting one for the team and its fans.

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