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The NHL Playoffs Are Here, Does Anyone Care?

Last night marked the end of the first NHL season since the strike/lockout of 2004-2005. The Stanley Cup playoffs — arguably the most exciting tournament in sports — begin Friday night, but will anybody be watching, other than Don Cherry and Barry Melrose?

While attendance was up in 75% of NHL arenas this season, the sport continues to struggle to attract new fans. The league has slipped to No. 5 in popularity for many, behind the NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR.

The Good Old Days

Back in the days when the NHL was on national TV two or three nights a week, it was easy to get into the game. There were always great players and great teams to keep us interested. The rivalry between the Bruins and Canadiens in the 70s was as intense as the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is now. Wayne Gretzky and the great Edmonton teams of the 80s were amazing to watch, and Mario Lemieuxs dominance and Mark Messiers resurrection of the New York Rangers kept us going through the 90s.

There are a host of young players today who should be garnering our accolades, but because of a lack of exposure and poor marketing by the league, these would-be household names are after-thoughts in the sports world. We all know Jaromir Jagr, Joe Sakic and Teemu Selanne, but how many of us know Eric Staal (100 points), Ilya Kovalchuk (52 goals) and Brian Gionta (46 goals)?

Some amazing accomplishments were achieved this season, including the Detroit Red Wings astounding 124 points (fifth-best total in league history), rookies Sidney Crosby of the Penguins and Alexander Ovechkin of the Capitals both topping the 100-point mark, and Jonathan Cheechoo becoming the first Native American (called First Nations people in his native Canada) to win the goal-scoring title with 56.

Always Interested

Theres one group of fans that is interested in just about every game in every sport — the gamblers. Hockey traditionally has been a great sport to bet on, especially early in the season. The oddsmakers often have a hard time handicapping the sport 토토사이트 that they are not that familiar with, leaving gamblers plenty of opportunity for easy money. With that in mind, here is how the first round of the NHL playoffs shapes up in this gamblers mind:

Detroit and Dallas are in familiar positions atop the Western Conference standings. The Red Wings, who became the first team in 10 years to go through an entire season without being shutout, should score early and often as they dismantle the Edmonton Oilers in the first round. Detroit wins in a sweep.

Colorado is always a tough out, but the Avalanche dropped 3 straight and 4 of their last 5 to end the season. The Stars stingy defense will be the difference in a low-scoring series. Dallas wins 4 games to 1.

Calgary with probable Vezina Trophy winner Miikka Kiprusoff in net should have no problem eliminating Anaheim in 6 games.

The other first-round Western Conference matchup may be the best of all. Nashville finished the season winning 6 straight, including the season finale vs. Detroit, and posted the leagues best home record at 32-8-1. San Jose features Hart Trophy candidate and the leagues leading scorer Joe Thornton, along with the aforementioned Cheechoo. Look for a high-scoring, entertaining series with the Sharks winning a seventh game in Nashville.

Champs Still Alive

Over in the Eastern Conference, the defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning staved off late charges from Toronto and Atlanta to grab the eighth spot. The champs face multiple-time first-round loser Ottawa to begin their defense of the title, and the Senators are ripe for an upset again. Ottawa limped into the playoffs, finishing 2-4-2 in its last 8 games. The loss of Dominik Hasek hasnt helped, either. Tampa wins 4 games to 2.

Carolina, despite being shutout in its last game and dropping to the No. 2 seed, should be tough to beat. Montreals rookie goalie Cristobal Huet came out of nowhere to post an impressive 2.14 GAA and a league-leading .930 save percentage. He will have a tough task in trying to slow down the Hurricanes high-scoring offense. Carolina advances in 7.

The Rangers-Devils should be a fun one for the New York fans. New Jersey is the hottest team in the league. The Devils scored 3 goals in the third period to complete a 4-3 comeback last night against the Canadiens for their 11th straight victory. The win clinched the Atlantic Division for New Jersey, which trailed Philadelphia by 19 points on Jan. 6. With momentum and experience on their side, the Devils will hold down Jagr and eliminate New York in 5 games.

The last first-round series features the upstart Buffalo Sabres vs. the Philadelphia Flyers, who have to be disappointed that they did not hold on to win the division. The key to this series will be the health of Flyers star center Peter Forsberg. If he can make it through the entire series, Philly has a chance, but Buffalos hard-hitting defense wont make it easy for him. Buffalo wins in 7.

Whatever the outcome, Im looking forward to watching some great playoff hockey. Nothing matches the intensity of sudden death overtime or the elation and pain of a seventh game.

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Staying Focused at Online Poker

No matter which poker book you read or which top pro advises you, there is a resounding communal opinion that when you are playing poker, actually watching the play and concentrating on the action at hand is a key part of winning.

While 스포츠토토 card rooms have a number of elements that could take away from the focus of the players, such as sporting events on TV or the appearance of attractive drink servers, there are relatively few distractions possible compared to what many online players face at home. Family members and friends about the house are usually not nearly as concerned about the game and can often be disrupting with conversation. Events like dinner, unexpected guests and phone calls can all prove to be very damaging to your poker results.

Even when the household is otherwise empty, we are often tempted to use poker playing time to simultaneously catch up on e-mail, reading or household chores. Most of us live a fairly fast-paced lifestyle which does not allows for as nearly as much free time as we would like. In order to compensate for our lack of fun time we often start multi-tasking and combining activities. While watching TV and folding the laundry may not be too detrimental to your daily living, playing poker and doing household chores can be devastating! More than a few loosing sessions have occurred in the matter of moments leading from a few missed bets or unwise calls that could have been avoided.

It’s hard enough to consistently beat the game of poker even when all the other circumstances are favorable (adequate bank roll, playing time, weak opponents), so any distractions, no matter how small, can prove to be the difference between winning and losing. It takes a lot discipline to become a winning player and a good players focus needs to be taken further than simply playing patient and folding weak hands.

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The Fear of Expressing Anger

There is much to learn from anger, yet many people are afraid of this feeling because they dont know how to express anger in ways that are helpful rather than harmful. I teach a process at my weekend Inner Bonding workshops called The Anger Process. This powerful process, which is described below, is not only for releasing pent-up anger in harmless ways, but for discovering what your responsibility is in any conflict with another person.

Often, when I describe this process in a workshop, some people get anxious and want to leave. They are afraid of anger and of expressing their anger. This is invariably because they come from a family where one or both of their parents or other caregivers were angry in a mean, violent way a way that caused harm to others. These people are so afraid of being like their mother or father that they repress their anger, taking it out on themselves instead of others.

Neither dumping anger on others nor repressing it and taking it out on oneself is healthy. Anger expressed in these ways is about controlling rather than learning. Venting anger on another is about controlling through intimidation and blame. Anger dumped on oneself is about controlling feelings that are harder to feel than anger, such as fear, anxiety, loneliness, or helplessness over others.

Anger is an important emotion. It is here to tell us something, to teach us how we are thinking or behaving that is not in our highest good. You may have been taught that other peoples behavior causes your anger, yet this is generally not true. Others may behave in ways that you dont like, but your anger at them is frequently a projection of how you are not taking care of yourself a way to control them rather than take care of yourself.

Its important to differentiate between blaming anger and justified anger, which is really outrage. Outrage is the feeling we have when there is injustice, such 오피러브 as seeing someone abuse a child. 오피탑주소 Outrage moves us to take appropriate, loving action in our own or others behalf.

Blaming anger comes from feeling like a victim and gets us off the hook from having to take personal responsibility for ourselves. This anger does not lead to learning or to healthy action.

The anger process is a way of expressing anger that leads to learning and growth. When people in my workshop want to leave rather than do the process, I explain to them that it is very important for them to reassure the frightened child within that this anger is not like their fathers or mothers anger it is not being expressed with the intent to control. It is being expressed with the intent to learn.

The Anger Process is a three-step process:

Fully express anger toward a person you are presently angry with (not in their presence!). You can yell, call names, kick something, and pound with fists on a pillow or with a bat, but you cannot harm yourself or anyone else.

Ask yourself who this person reminds you of in the past parent, teacher, sibling, friend – and then let the angry part of you again fully express the anger.

Finally – and this is the most important part – allow the angry child within to express his or her anger at you, the adult, for any ways you are not taking care of yourself in this conflict, or any ways you are treating yourself badly.

Step Three is the most important part, because it brings the issue home to personal responsibility. If you just do the first two parts, you are left feeling like an angry victim. The anger that comes from being a victim is a bottomless pit and will never lead to learning and resolution.

Once you understand that you can express your anger with an intention to 오피러브 learn, your fear of your own anger will go away. You dont have to repress your anger in order to not be like your parents. You can express it harmlessly in The Anger Process and learn about what your anger is trying to tell you.

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Hot Weather Fun: Summer Crafts for Kids

When boredom looms and the weather’s hot, get everyone involved in summer crafts for kids. Kids are always excited to be free from the school routine when they are let out for summer break, but it isn’t long until they start wondering what to do. Summer crafts for kids will keep them occupied and maybe even teach them a thing or two.

In summer, crafts for kids can involve found objects, like seed pods, grasses, and similar objects. Let kids create nature collection collages by gluing these items to a stiff piece of cardboard. Help them spray paint some of the findings with silver or gold paint. Alternatively, they might like to glue glitter to some of the findings. Perhaps they would also enjoy collecting wild flower seed heads 스포츠토토 and creating dried flower arrangements. Arrange the bouquet in a homemade vase.

A vase for summer bouquets, fresh or dried, is another craft that naturally fits into the summer crafts for kids category. A simple vase can be made from a tin can. Soup cans work particularly well because they are smooth on the outside and rather narrow. Be sure to file off any sharp spurs on the inside opening. Start the work of art by cutting a piece of construction paper or other colored paper to fit around the sides of the can. This will be glued to the outside of the can, but first it needs to be decorated.

The vase cover can be decorated in many ways. The child can draw a summer scene on the paper and then decorate it with glued on glitter or small stickers of summer things. Another idea is for the child to write their name in large letters, and glue beans, seeds, or glitter to the letters. Let all glue dry before attaching the paper to the outside of the can. Add water and fresh flowers or leave dry for dry flowers.

You can also use the can for a trinket container or a place to put pens, pencils, and markers. To make them real summer crafts for kids, glue grass seed heads and found seed pods to the paper in a decorative way.

Jar vases make good summer crafts for kids, too. Canning jars make particularly cute vases, but any cast off mayonnaise, pickle, or other jar, even plastic ones, can work, too. To make a jar into a vase it first needs to be sparkling clean. Kids love getting wet in the summer, so let them roll up their sleeves (or put on a bathing suit!) and have fun splashing at the sink while “washing dishes.” When the jar is clean and dry, tie an attractive ribbon around the opening. If desired, decorate the outside of the jar with glued on beads and buttons.

Summer crafts for kids will provide some cute decorations around the home and keep the kids from being bored. This summer, crafts for kids should be at the top of every parent’s To Do list!

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Las Vegas Weddings at Lake Mead

If you are planning 부산키스방 a wedding in Las Vegas, you may want to consider getting married at Lake Mead. There are several options to choose from if you would like to get married at this famous man made lake.

Lake Mead Cruises offers wedding packages that take place aboard their Mississippi style paddlewheel boats. The Desert Princess is the larger of the two boats they have available. It features two enclosed decks and an open air deck. This boat can accommodate groups of up to 250. The Desert Princess Too is available for groups of 75 or less.

Ceremonies can be performed on the top deck of the boat with the beauty of Lake Mead creating the perfect setting for your wedding. Packages include a wedding cake, champagne toast, and up to three hours of cruise time on the lake. You can also purchase additional time if you want your reception to last longer. Some packages even include keepsake boarding photos which would make great wedding favors for your guests. Hors doeuvres or sit down dinner receptions can be arranged and several bar packages are offered. Their menu offers you the choice of salmon, chicken, prime rib, or pasta entrees which are accompanied with salad, bread, and side dishes such as rice pilaf and vegetables.

Lake Mead Cruises can help you arrange entertainment for your wedding. They also provide a list of vendors for the services that do not come with their packages such as the minister, florist, and photographer. Package prices are more expensive on Fridays and Saturdays.

Another option they offer, rather than chartering the whole boat for your wedding and reception, is to have the ceremony on the top deck prior to one of their scheduled cruises leaving. You can then pay the regular per person rate for you and your guests to join the cruise after the ceremony if youd like. Champagne brunch, mid-day, early dinner, and dinner and dance cruises are all offered. Rates for this run about $20-$60 a person depending on the cruise and group discounts that are offered.

If you dont want to get married on a boat, you can still enjoy the scenery of Lake Mead by getting married in a park in Boulder City that overlooks the lake. The-Wedding-Company.com is a Boulder City, Nevada based company that provides this wedding package. The package also comes with a bouquet and boutonniere, photography, transportation, music, wedding cake, and a minister to perform a civil, religious, or renewal ceremony.

Lake Mead is a fantastic place to have a wedding. It really is an oasis in the desert and is quite impressive when you consider that just decades ago, this enormous lake was nothing but desert.

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Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem has become the most popular variation of Poker currently being featured in the gaming world. Due to the popularity of Poker parties, the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, more and more people are developing an interest in Poker. Further, the game of Texas Holdem is of particular interest to gamblers.

Texas Holdem is usually played with several people (usually more than 2 and less than 22). The game begins with the dealer doling out two cards face down, to each player. These are the cards that are shown and are the cards referred to as the showdown. Then, each player makes a bet, after which the dealer deals a burn card. The players are then dealt three community cards, face up, and then the second betting round begins. After this second better round, another burn card is dealt and then another community card. Finally, another betting round is held. This is followed by one or two more betting rounds and then the showdown.

The showdown is the official name for the final hand. When a player makes their bet and all of the other players in the game fold, then that player is the game winner and is awarded the money in the pot. If two players, or more, remain, then that is the showdown round. Each player must play the best hand of five cards that he can get from the seven cards (the two hole cards and five community cards). If the best hand is shared by the two players, then the pot is split between the remaining players.

This overview of Texas Holdem is simply that, an overview. There are many different tips and tricks, particularly when playing in casinos whether the casino is virtual or real and the rules can often vary from site to site within an online casino arena. The best thing to do before joining a game of Texas Holdem Poker is to check the rules of regulations of each online casino to be sure you comply.


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The Green Eyed Monster

Envy according to the aspect of its object is contrary to charity, whence the soul derives its spiritual life…Charity rejoices in our neighbor’s good, while envy grieves over it. – Thomas Aquinas

One of the leading causes of stress and anxiety that plagues modern society is envy. A perfect example of how envy can wreak havoc is shown in the movie which is also entitled Envy. The movie tells the story of Tim (Ben Stiller) and Nick (Jack Black), best friends who also shared the same predicament at the office: complete boredom. That spell of boredom was broken when Nick hit big time by inventing an aerosol spray that makes dog droppings (poop) disappear or vanish into thin air. Nick became a millionaire because of his unique invention. Tim, on the other hand, was still stuck in his old dreary existence. Soon enough, Tim became filled with envy as he watched Nick’s lifestyle change from being a regular guy into a multi-millionaire.

Envy has been a human problem since the beginning of time. In the bible, the tragic effects of envy was illustrated in the story of Cain and Abel, sons of Adam. The story about the first ever murder recorded in human history is told in Genesis 4:3-8, where it says that:

“In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. But Abel brought the fat, fatlings, or milk from the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast. Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” Now Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.” And while they were in the field, 오피나라 Cain attacked his 오피탑 brother Abel and killed him.”

This story shows us that envy, if left uncontrolled, can lead to very serious consequences. When we equate happiness with money, popularity, success and a perfect relationship — envy is not far behind. When we constantly compare ourselves to other people, we will always fall into the trap of not being good enough. A feeling of discontent and frustration sinks in every time we covet what others are blessed with.

If you indulge in thoughts like those, you will never be happy with what you have. Nothing good will ever happen to you because you see all things in a negative light, regardless of how it impacts your life. Our words, thoughts, and deeds have a profound effect not just your own life but on others as well. Take control of the green eyed monster; it will only make a slave out of you. When we thirst for the things that doesn’t last and things on which you cannot 오피탑 bring it with you; your insatiable thirst will turn into agony because it is never satisfied.

What is really important is peace of mind, true love and undying friendship…now that is real wealth. Fulfillment is not about being perfect and having everything you want. Get rid of envy and be thankful for what you have. Change your behavior and your attitude. Practice living within your means and leading a simple life. Don’t let negative thoughts rob you of your energy. Start getting rid of envy today, not tomorrow and freedom from stress will then be in your reach.

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A Brief Look At George Washington, The Politician

George Washington was the very first President of the United States of America. He was born on February 22, 1732 in a small County called Westmoreland, located in Virginia. Washington, whose father passed away when he was only 11, was home schooled and learned how to become an expert woodsman and mapmaker by himself.

In 1759 Washington married Martha Curtis, a wealthy widow. Although Washington and Curtis never had children of their own, Curtis had two children, Martha and John, from her previous marriage.

After many years of turmoil between the Colonists and British, Washington was selected as the Commander in Chief of the Colonial Army in 1775. The following year, Washington and the rest of the Colonists declared their independence from the British. After years of fierce fighting and much bloodshed, the British were defeated in 1781. Washingtons unique strategies combined with the help of the French, granted the Colonists their independence.

In 1787 Washington attended the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where the United States Constitution was first drafted. This Constitution was the main outline for how the government would function. The Constitution was ratified a year later, and went into effect the year after that (1789).

When it was time for voters to choose their first leader in 1789, Washington was unanimously voted in as the first President of the United States. He was also voted in unanimously for his second term in 1792. Although much was accomplished during his 8-year presidency, his most well known accomplishment was that of the Bill of Rights, which was adopted in 1791. Washington declined to serve a third term, explaining in his farewell speech that a third term would give one man too much power.

After retiring from politics in March of 1797, Washington returned to Mount Vernon where he devoted much of his time to farming. Washingtons health began to deteriorate severely in mid-1799, and he passed away shortly thereafter on December 14th, 1799 at his home. The cause of death is believed to have been acute laryngitis and pneumonia.


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San Francisco Giants Tickets – 2007 Will Be An Intriguing

San Francisco Giants Tickets – 2007 Will Be An Intriguing Season

San Francisco Giants tickets have been in demand in recent seasons, but that was mostly due to the exploits of one player as opposed to the prospects of the team winning a World Series. Well, that player is back for an historic record chase this season, but the team around him has improved and the Giants could be in for a big season in 2007. Well take a look at what to expect from the Giants in 2007 below, but rest assured that regardless of their results, this team will be an interesting one to watch.

Offseason Changes

The Giants made a lot of noise this offseason, and perhaps their biggest signing was their most recent, as Barry Bonds resigned for another year at $15.8 million. The team also addressed its pitching staff by adding Barry Zito with an enormous seven-year, $126 million contract in order to provide the team with an ace.

The Giants also changed managers, hiring Bruce Bochy after he enjoyed sustained success in San Diego. The San Diego-to-San Francisco pipeline continued with the signing of 안전놀이터 OF Dave Roberts, and other free agent acquisitions included IF Rich Aurilia and Ryan Klesko.

Players to Watch

Once again, the players to watch question starts and stops with Bonds. He will be responsible more than any other player for the sale of San Francisco Giants tickets, as he is only 22 home runs away from the most storied record in sports – the all-time home run record currently held by Hank Aaron. Bonds has been buried in controversy, but hes still a draw and an historic player.

Other than Bonds, the success or failure of Zito will also be quite interesting, as will the overall progress of the team under new leadership. The Giants look like theyre making a big push for the title, and the ability of the team to gel will determine their results this season.

2007 Outlook

The Giants have a lot of firepower working for them both on the mound and at the plate. If they can stay healthy and maintain some consistency, they should be able to challenge in the less-than-powerful NL West. The Dodgers and Padres tied for first in the division last year with only 88 wins, so it appears that if the Giants can push towards 90 victories this season, theyll have a chance to reach the postseason. Regardless, the presence of Bonds and his chase will definitely make San Francisco Giants tickets hard to find, and will make the 2007 season an interesting one for the team and its fans.

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Online Casino Gaming – Cyberspace Gambling

A new form of gambling started its success all around the globe in the 1990ies that people are 안전놀이터 talking about. Online casino gaming, online gambling, internet gambling, or cyberspace gambling. Doesn’t matter how you call it. It’s fun and exciting.

Nowadays gamblers from all around the globe are playing their favourite casino games online. Video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and many other casino games. Some casinos offer more than 200 different games with their free software download.

Also availabe are no download flash casino games. This games can be played without downloading instantly in your browser.

There are lots of classic casino games available, as well as video poker, online slot machines and progressive slots.

The jackpots are actually very high. Some people have won more than one million dollars from playing progressive slots. The latest payout was over $2.000.000!

Most woman like to play at bingo online. Cool are the 3D graphics that let your virtual self walk around in the bingo room and sit and play at the table. You also can chat with other players.

Men like live casino dealer games. Female dealers that you can chat with and watch via live web cam play baccarat, sicbo, blackjack and roulette in a multi player chatroom.

What makes online gambling also great is playing at an multi player poker room. Poker players can play against other players from all over the world online. What this makes so exciting is that players can qualify for poker tournaments via the internet.

Online qualifiers already play at championships like the monte carlo millions, the world poker tour and the world series of poker, the WSOP.

Relatively new are mobile casino games. You can play blackjack, poker or slots in your cell phone, pda, palm and many other wireless devices.

Sport book wagering online is possible, too. Bets on football, hockey, baseball, basketball, boxing, tennis and other US and european sports can be placed online. But not only that. The live odds can be watched in real time via an live sport betting line. Always updated.

Besides casinos run internet casino tournaments. Poker and slot players battle for real cash prizes.

Regardless if you are playing for big money at an high roller online casino or not for real money online casino gaming is a lot of fun.

Casinos offer a free casino sign up bonus to all players. Free extra money to play! The amount is depending on how much you deposit in your account by using one of the many online funds transfer services or your credit card. Online sports & race books also offer free cash bonuses as well as online poker rooms.

If you are interested in gambling online, looking for casino news, good luck sayings and more cool stuff please visit our website.